Homeowners put off moving due to stress

If you find yourself recoiling at the prospect of selling up and finding a new property, you’re not alone. Quite apart from Brexit uncertainty and the housing market slowdown, it seems that many homeowners are putting off moving because it’s simply too stressful. Concerns about moving to a new location, having noisy neighbours and high estate agency fees, among others, explain why 60% of homeowners in a recent study1 are reluctant to start looking.

Some respondents even said that moving home was more stressful than getting divorced (34%), having a baby (31%) or starting a new job (27%). It could be worth the pain, however; 62% of those surveyed said they believed that moving could make them happier. Taking action to minimise your stress, then, rather than avoiding it altogether, could make for a smoother transition and a brighter future.


Not knowing much about the location you are moving to is likely to increase your anxiety, so the best thing you can do is conduct some research. Find out about the schools, healthcare and amenities available in the area, talk to current residents, and see what noise and traffic levels are like at different points in the day/week. Arming yourself with more knowledge should help to alleviate your fears and improve your outlook.


For many, the prospect of finding a new mortgage is their biggest worry when considering a move. Seeking our advice as early as possible will give you more time to explore the available options and decide what’s best for you, whether this be transferring your existing mortgage, increasing the size of your loan or finding a new provider.

Remember, change can be positive – so if you’re thinking about moving, now could be the time.

1Yopa, 2019

As a mortgage is secured against your home or property, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage repayments.