Remote working opens new possibilities

Despite the challenges of home working, including insurance, cybersecurity and internet connectivity, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a profound shift in the way we work. Many businesses have found remote working so effective that some employees could end up working permanently from home even when the pandemic is over. This could give them a much greater choice over where their property is located.

Imagine being able to choose your home entirely based on the best schools and local facilities, rather than having to limit your search to within an hour of the office. Living in a pretty country village or faraway town is no longer an impossible prospect if you only have to commute to the office on a weekly or monthly basis. And when it comes to beautiful locations, you’re spoilt for choice here in the UK.


Britain’s historic market towns are a popular choice for UK homebuyers – particularly those towns located within commuting distance of major cities. For a less expensive choice, then, more out-of-the-way towns could become a viable option if you’re no longer shackled by the daily commute. The ideal market town home could be within the reach of homeworkers for a much more affordable price.

Of course, you’re not obliged to live miles and miles from HQ. ‘Garden’ cities can offer an attractive mix of urban and rural if you’re not quite ready to give up the hustle and bustle. Some are located within 30 miles of major cities such as London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Hull and Edinburgh. There could soon be more options to choose from; in 2017, the government announced plans for 17 garden towns and villages across England.


For many commuters and city workers, a quaint property in a small village far from the daily grind is a long-held dream. A country pub, church, village hall, Post Office and perhaps even a village green are all widely believed to complete this idyllic picture. And, with the huge increase in home working, good broadband should be added to the list.

So, if you can work from home, the world’s your oyster – whether you choose a market town, garden city or country village.

As a mortgage is secured against your home or property, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage repayments.