Lights, camera, action!

Did you know that Jackie Chan’s stunt team has been blacklisted by all insurance companies, leaving Chan to pay out himself for any injuries? Fortunately, for most people it is considerably easier to get covered, so there is no excuse to be uninsured.

Over a third of people say they are more likely to buy protection insurance because of their experiences during the pandemic1, indicating how the devastating impact of COVID has clearly led many to reassess their priorities and to seek the reassurances provided by protection insurance. This reassurance comes from hearing that 98% of protection claims were paid in 20202. Witnessing the pandemic’s impact on the health of others was cited as the main reason people were now more likely to take out protection insurance.


Perceived cost, however, remains a barrier for some. Indeed, almost a third of people say they haven’t taken out protection because they think it would be too expensive.

It’s a wrap

Protection is a crucial component of a balanced financial strategy and, with policies starting at just a few pounds a month, it is a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provides.

Take action in 2022, to protect those you love.

1Hymans Robertson, 2021

2ABI, 2021