New work priorities

A recently published report has revealed the key priorities workers would like to see form part of the ‘Next Normal’ as workplaces emerge into the post-COVID era.

ManpowerGroup, a global recruitment and workforce solutions expert, asked over 8,000 employees, including some based in the UK, their views about the future of work. And the findings – published in a report entitled The Future for Workers, By Workers: Making the Next Normal Better for All – suggests employees typically want a more flexible hybrid model that blends working in the office and at home.

The report’s main conclusions focus on three essential elements employees want as part of a new working norm. These are: the opportunity to work remotely, although not all the time; the chance to learn and develop new skills; and an ability to balance work and family life for the long term.

Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup CEO, commented: “The data shows us how workers around the world are feeling about returning – concerned for their health and employment security, while seeking flexibility which allows them to better balance work and home. Those organisations that prioritise emotional wellbeing and flexibility while demonstrating how they create social impact in challenging times will be best positioned to attract and retain the best talent and ensure workers are confident, healthy and productive.”