Remote working challenges facing small business sector

Although many small businesses have adapted remarkably well to the necessity of staff working from home, the shift in working arrangements due to the pandemic has undoubtedly created some serious challenges. A survey of 1,300 European office workers commissioned by Ricoh Europe has highlighted a number of the key issues people working remotely in small firms have experienced during the pandemic.

Some of the main findings from the research include:

69% of workers feel they have the required skills to work remotely

29% find it difficult to stay motivated and engaged while remote working due to communication and technology issues

48% have had to rely on their own equipment during the pandemic

24% say they don’t have the tools to deliver the best results for customers or to collaborate remotely with their team

27% are considering switching jobs to somewhere better equipped for remote working.

The survey also found that small firms are 42% more likely than larger enterprises to lose employees because of technology frustrations centred on remote working. As a result, the research suggests small businesses may need to fast track their digital transformation if they are to retain their most talented individuals and thrive in the post-pandemic era.